Friday, May 20, 2022
children play

The Therapeutic Potential of Arts

Art helps children to discover themselves, instead of following the crowd. It is this profound message that this article seeks to explore.
Assam Dropouts

Assam Records Highest School Level Dropouts in India

Assam has the highest dropout rates among all states at both primary and secondary levels of schooling.
‘Pitri-Vadh’; by Ashutosh Bhardwaj;

Book Review | Pitri-Vadh

‘Pitri-Vadh’; by Ashutosh Bhardwaj; Published by Rajkamal 2019.

Education, Societal Heritage and the Peculiar Case of Haryana

EDUCATION/The role of education in improving the condition of a state and allowing it to move on the track of development has been widely accepted. But in case of Haryana there are multiple dimensions to the percolation of education and their associated impact upon the social ethos.

Loving to Read and Reading to Love

FROM THE TEACHER’S PODIUM Reading is central to the development of the learner’s mind, and when this habit is developed from an early age it...

On Fear and Freedom: The Irresistible Jiddu Krishnamurti

As we celebrate Jiddu Krishnamurti’s birth anniversary, it is important to engage with him—the way this wanderer (May 11,1895—February 17,1986) broke all sorts of defined paths, moved around the world, and sought to make us interrogate the banality of routinized existence

True Education and not Literacy is the Need of the Times

The colonial administration focused on an education system meant to be produce non-reflexive, law-abiding citizens, but even today why does the education system fail to cultivate rational thinking and creative imagination?

Deconstructing ‘Moral’ Education and its Relevance for Our Times

Moral education is a much contested terrain; nevertheless it is a theme that has captured the attention of educationists from the beginning of time. In the contemporary situation it becomes crucial for us to redefine its meaning, and innovate it to suit the challenges of the present times. The article that follows shows us the path by throwing light on this interesting and compelling theme.

An Ode to the Vocation of Teaching

The act of teaching is essentially a spiritual act. The work of a teacher is to touch the being of the learner and enable her to discover the treasures that lie undiscovered. Here a teacher pleads for retaining the distinctiveness of the vocation of teaching and invites students to the vocation. Amrita Sastry
Education for women

Women’s Education: A Contrast Between the Colonial and Contemporary Period

Education for women is an important step in the development and growth of a society, yet it continues to be a neglected domain from the colonial period till the present times.