Wednesday, January 20, 2021

    Kavya Thomas

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    Kavya Thomas is The New Leam Staff Correspondent.

    Farmers Remain Firm in Resolve Against Agricultural Laws as SC Proposes Way Out

    The protesting farmers have shown no intention to strike a compromise even as SC suggests possible way out for deadlock.

    Cops Deployed in Large Numbers As Farmers Intensify Protest Against Farm Legislations 

    Thousands of cops have been deployed across Delhi borders as farmers intensify their protests.

    Rejecting Centre’s Amendment Proposal,  Farmers Reiterate Demand for Complete Roll Back of “Black Laws”

    As farmers reject the amendment proposal of the Centre, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar underlines that the government has no ego and is willing to speak to the protesting farmers. 

    A Preliminary Look at India’s Upcoming New Parliament Building and How Much it Will Cost 

    Replacing the existing 93 year old Parliament building, the new Parliament structure which is part of the Vista Redevelopment Project will be built around a sprawling and gigantic campus of 64,000 sq metres. 

    Fighting the Malaise of Child Marriage, the Story of Maharashtra’s Ranjitsinh Disale Who Brought Tribal Girls to School 

    In a remote district where child marriage was a rampant practice, educator Ranjitsinh Disale’s efforts for bringing poor tribal girls to school in Maharashtra is indeed inspirational. 

    Kavya Thomas

    146 POSTS
    Kavya Thomas is The New Leam Staff Correspondent.


    Donald Trump’s Supporters and Our Farmer

    At a time when Donald Trump’s supporters are attacking the foundations of democracy, our farmers are arousing hope, and teaching us the art of nonviolent resistance to remind the rulers of the discontents of potential authoritarianism.

    JNU: A Wounded Space

    On this fateful day last year, JNU witnessed an organized attack on students and teachers inside the campus premises. Even after a year, the question remains : can the spirit of the university be restored?

    2021: Can We Say ‘No’ to the Cult of Narcissism? 

    From the traumatic pain of psychic bewilderment to the light of resistance—we passed through diverse experiences in 2020. As we welcome 2021, is it possible to nurture the spirit of love and justice?

    Karl Marx: Our Lost Conscience

    EDITORIAL / Karl Marx was born on May 5,1818. On his birth anniversary The New Leam pays homage to one of the most illuminating minds of modern times.

    Excerpt| ‘Liberty’ as a Powerful Instrument of Domination

    As an amazing thinker, Herbert Marcuse-like Adorno and Horkheimer-contributed to the development of critical theory. Here is an excerpt from Marcuse's path-breaking text One-Dimensonal Man.