Friday, August 7, 2020


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    Beirut explosion: the disaster was exceptional but events leading up to it were not – researchers

    At the time of writing at least 100 people have lost their lives and a further 4,000 have been wounded following an explosion in...

    Reviving the ‘Missing Debate’ in the NEP 2020: Managerialism & its Implications for the Practice of Teaching

    This article aims to bring to light the missing debate around NEP, highlighting the malaise of managerialism and its impact on teachers and the practice of teaching.

    An Obsession with Graded Learning Damages the Learner’s Capacity to Reflect and Engage with the Self

    A growing obsession with grades and certificates goes against the free-spirited eagerness to learn with interest and turns children into docile and disinterested consumers of knowledge.

    Political Will or Concerted Effort: The Delhi Model and the Fight Against COVID-19

    The Delhi Model is being talked about amid the coronavirus pandemic, the following article looks at the contemporary discussions around the government’s success model.

    Face mask rules: do they really violate personal liberty?

      Several hundred people assembled in London’s Hyde Park in July 2020 to protest rules making face masks mandatory in shops and supermarkets to help...


    1377 POSTS


    The Legitimisation of Privatisation in NEP 2020: An analysis

    By legitimising privatisation in the education sector, the NEP 2020 is scripting a new India with varied imaginations and trajectories.

    Hany Babu, Safoora Zagar and Our Times

    Is it possible to overcome all sorts of sectarianism, come together as dialogic teachers, and remind the state of the need for a dialogue with the creative dissenters?

    Understanding the NEP 2020 in the Context of School Education Policy in India

    This article takes an introductory look at the NPE 2020 in the wider context of school education policy-making in India.

    Politico-Cultural Racism in America is Consuming its Social Fabric and Decaying its Progressive Ethos

    The rage, desperation, and determination which continue to bring tens of thousands of Americans to the streets in protest against racism and injustice hopefully...

    If a University Could Speak

    The UGC insists on conducting final year examinations amid the pandemic, what is the teaching-learning community thinking on this issue?