Sunday, November 29, 2020


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    Watch | Aishwarya Reddy’s Suicide and Why the Digital Divide Has Accentuated Educational Hierarchies

    This program is about how the widespread insistence on online teaching-learning in what is being called the 'new-normal' must be contested and challenged because it doesn't take into consideration the socio-economic locations of a majority of Indian students who come from economically disadvantaged sections and have no access to regular educational opportunities let alone dedicated technology or the internet for accessing online teaching-learning. It becomes clearly established that an already exclusive/elitist access to education becomes an even distant dream for lakhs of Indian students amid the pandemic giving way to issues such as forceble drop-out, discontinuation of academic pursuit, premature entry into the workforce or being entrapped into child trafficking or being forced into early marriages. The digital-divide is sure to have deep and long-term implications for the domain of education and we have ample evidence to show that it is resulting in suicides, mental anxieties and sheer desperation in students, the latest among such cases being the suicide of an LSR student in Telanagana who didn't get her fellowship money, couldn't afford to buy a smartphone to access her online classes and thus took her own life out of helplessness and a sense of being left out. The coronavirus pandemic has only accentuated and underlined the inherent hierarchies/cleavages and walls of separation within the Indian education system.

    Watch | Brilliance of Soumitra Chatterjee – The Actor Satyajit Raj Trusted

    Legendary Actor Soumitra Chatterjee dies at 85. (19 January 1935 - 15 November 2020)

    Exploring the Pivotal Role of the Head Teacher in Transforming the Lives of Children in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon Valley

    The Anakkayam Small Hydro Electric Project, proposed in the Vazhachal-Sholayar forests of Thrissur district and close to the proposed Athirapilly dam, is a tail-race development project that aims to generate electricity from the water that flows out of the Sholayar dam.

    India’s plan to pay journal subscription fees for all its citizen may end up making science harder to access

    India, the world’s second-most populous country, is planning to make scholarly literature available for everyone under its latest science, technology and innovation policy. The policy...


    1553 POSTS


    CONVERSATION | “Great literature is one of the most helpful resources to discover the spectrum of desire, love and friendship,” says Ruth Vanita 

    In a conversation with The New Leam, Dr. Ruth Vanita reflects on issues like sexuality, identity and body politics. And her engagement with issues in feminism throws new light on critical issues of gender that define our times. 

    The Pandemic , Unequal Opportunities and the Challenges Posed by the Online Mode of Learning

    In a society embedded in socio-economic hierarchies, access to online education is limited to the privileged and leaves behind a large section of those coming from marginalised backgrounds.

    From Linux to Windows and Back

    What does it mean to use Linux and how is the user experience better than in Windows, here is a personal narrative of a user who sides with the former and tells us exactly why.

    Bihar Hasn’t Defeated the COVID-19 Pandemic, It Has Hidden it for the Sake of Electoral Politics

    Low testing, poor medical surveillance and lack of political will are behind significantly low reportage of COVID-19 cases in Bihar, but are by no means indicative of the end of the pandemic in the state.

    Are We Destined to Live with Violence?

    Is it ever possible to combat violence, and find ourselves in a world that generates love, calmness and peace?