Sunday, March 7, 2021


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    Flash droughts set to increase in India, finds study

    Flash droughts are droughts that intensify more rapidly than normal, posing a risk to agriculture, ecosystems and water availability.

    POEM : T.S. Eliot reads his famous work, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

    POEM In the video T.S. Eliot reads his second-most famous work, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock  (Prufrock) first published in 1915.   

    Reflecting on Why ‘Love is the Ground of Our Being’ this Valentine’s Day

    This Valentine's Day let us reflect on the ideas produced by Bell Hooks- a radical thinker influenced by Buddhism speaking of love - its ability to create a new culture free from the principle of domination.

    Meet the man conserving otters in Maharashtra’s Western Ghats

    Conservationist Malhar Indulkar is working to conserve otters and their habitats in the Tillari region of Maharashtra in the northern Western Ghats.


    1572 POSTS


    The Need for a Well-Reasoned and Principled Stand on the Ongoing Resistance by Indian Farmers

    The intensity and continuity of the farmers' movement against the recently passed farm laws, underlines the urgent need for the citizenry to think rationally and attain a decisive stand regarding it.

    What was Behind Gandhi’s Success with the Salt Satyagraha in 1930 and the Failure of the Non-Cooperation Movement in the 1920s?

    Gandhi’s leadership and his ability to bring together people from diverse backgrounds is reflected across the movements he initiated, why then were some successful and others not equally so?

    Bargained Livelihoods During the Pandemic:Understanding the Condition of Women Tribal Vendors in Odisha’s Koraput

    The plight of  tribal women vendors has deteriorated due to the pandemic and the lockdown which has impacted their livelihoods and access to entitlements.

    Donald Trump’s Supporters and Our Farmer

    At a time when Donald Trump’s supporters are attacking the foundations of democracy, our farmers are arousing hope, and teaching us the art of nonviolent resistance to remind the rulers of the discontents of potential authoritarianism.

    JNU: A Wounded Space

    On this fateful day last year, JNU witnessed an organized attack on students and teachers inside the campus premises. Even after a year, the question remains : can the spirit of the university be restored?