Wednesday, May 25, 2022


man working factory

Robots won’t steal our jobs if we put workers at center of AI revolution

How can we direct the development of future technologies so that robots complement rather than replace us?

Unemployment in the Age of Automation

RUTHLESS TECHNOCRACY While robots and smart machines may soon take away most of our jobs, the striking challenges of unemployment and entrenched poverty that are faced by a nation like India may remind us of the precedence of social justice over a stubborn drive for automation.

China’s iPal Robot Claims To Compensate For Lack of Human Company

TECHNOLOGY The Chinese culture is immensely fascinated by technological solutions; the latest robot iPal is designed to compensate the lack of human company in a lonely society.

Unemployment in India and Robots at Airports

Airports in India will have robots to assist flyers. In a nation in which unemployment is a great issue, will restless mechanisation lead to inequality?

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