Thursday, June 30, 2022


The Ryan International School Tragedy: The Rot is within us

The Ryan International School tragedy has shocked the entire nation, and generated diverse responses. One important response that has come primarily from the mainstream media and anxiety -ridden parents is that it is because of lapses in safety /security measures like installation of CCTV cameras at appropriate places, separating children’s washrooms from those for the Class IV staff and building of higher walls across the school compound that have collectively led to the tragedy.

The Price of Democracy is the Death of Our Children

Yet again over 40 children have died in Gorakhpur, revealing once again the stark negligence and shameless attitude of the authorities who not only take the lives of ordinary human beings for granted but also display indifference and lack of true concern. Amidst these situations what does the culture of democracy signify when its citizens are its very victims?

How many children more: Gorakhpur children deaths and the lack of political will in...

While families grieve the loss of over 60 children in the last few days in a major hospital in Gorakhpur the problems of accountability and public infrastructure in the light of electoral democracy come to surface yet again. The point however that we wish to explore is whether temporary assurances are all that citizens deserve in a democracy or is it high time that we contemplated on the significance and moral character of representative politics in India?

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