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Climate change hits home as increasing heatwave days scorch India

The heat this summer has already become unbearable in many parts of India. “It’s become impossible to work after 10 o’clock in the morning,”...

Children born in 2020 will see spike in climate disasters, study says

In a world wracked by wildfires, deadly storms, and the now too-familiar drumbeat of dire climate warnings, statistical descriptions of the future humanity faces can seem at...

The Need for a Shared Program for Justice to Check Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest problems today, here is a look at a shared program for engaged effort to tackle climate change.
We seem almost addicted to the internet, often at the cost of the environment.

The True Environmental Cost of the Internet

The internet has become a quintessential part of our lives and we depend on it for most things but do we realise its consequences for the environment?

Book Review/ Indian Environmental History for Young Adults

We find ourselves at a time when youth activists are asking the world leaders to take action to prevent climate change, the book gives context on India’s environmental history.

Indigenous India and the Question of Climate Change

The questions revolving around the complex issues of climate change cannot be fully understood if we negate the critical role played by indigenous communities in fostering and shaping an ecologically sustainable world.

Flash droughts set to increase in India, finds study

Flash droughts are droughts that intensify more rapidly than normal, posing a risk to agriculture, ecosystems and water availability.

UN Condemns India Over Coal-based Activities,Igniting Debate on Differential Responsibilities Towards Climate Change

The United Nations has condemned India over the usage of coal based energy resources highlighting the paradoxes, challenges and issues in the debate on climate change.

How Rhizophora mangroves on Car Nicobar islands fought back a rapid sea-level rise in...

Historically, mangroves in the Andaman and Nicobar islands may have undergone numerous sudden sea-level changes due to four major earthquakes. That may have imparted a certain degree of resilience to the mangroves, the study said.

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