Thursday, June 30, 2022


Hot Weather, Angry Tweets and Monday Blues: What Dictates Social Media Aggression?

A new study establishes a linkage between angry tweets and rising temperatures.

Hope for healthy yak rides on Druk, the yak bull from Bhutan raised in...

Sikkim in India is raising a yak bull gifted by Bhutan in a transboundary germplasm exchange to improve the species gene pool. Two bulls were handed over to Nepal as well.

Why I’m bringing centuries-old ‘ghost ponds’ back to life

Ponds can be extremely biodiverse. They support more aquatic species than any other freshwater habitat and provide important food sources for farmland birds and bats.

Cyclone Amphan puts focus back on millions displaced by climate disasters

The trail of destruction left by Cyclone Amphan in eastern India has once again highlighted inadequacies in dealing with climate disasters that displace millions of people every year.
Wuhan City

Wuhan’s lockdown cut air pollution by up to 63% – new research

Wuhan is a city of approximately 11.1m people and is the largest of the 17 cities in Hubei province. It was locked down at 10:00 BST on January 23.
rhino -wildlife

Can biodiversity loss lead to more infectious disease spread?

A section of scientists say there is a ‘biodiversity dilution effect’ in which declining biodiversity results in increased infectious-disease transmission.

Antartica Temperature Soars to 20 Degree Celsius:Highest Ever in History

Antartica has recorded a high temperature of 2o degree celsius, this is the highest record temperature in history.
Pavan Sukhdev

Green economics is robust enough for policy makers to assess impact of their decisions:...

Indian environmental economist Pavan Sukhdev has been selected for the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement 2020 for his work on initiating and completing The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB).

Intense Water Scarcity Amplifies Water Related Violence Globally in Last Decade

In the last ten years, water shortage and extreme weather conditions caused high tensions, specifically in the Middle East and India.
deforestation of the Amazon

Statistic of the decade: The massive deforestation of the Amazon

On Dec. 23, we announced the winner: the 8.4 million soccer fields of land deforested in the Amazon over the past decade. That’s 24,000 square miles, or about 10.3 million American football fields.

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