Saturday, June 19, 2021

    The New Leam Staff

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     Domination, Hegemony and Seduction : Marx and Beyond

    One need not be an orthodox Marxist to acknowledge that Karl Marx  was a gifted thinker who encouraged us to look at the world...

    The Tyranny of Tests

    As alienating, distressing and anxiety laden examinations are normalised, the sensitive mind of an educationist looks into the paradox of assessment and the harms that it causes to our children.

    A Glimpse of Ecofeminism

    Women and nature share the same pathological story in the neo-liberal world characterized by the logic of reckless development. It is high time that we rethink growth and progress and arrive at a more sustainable and holistic conception of modernity that is in tune with nature at large.

    Six Life Lessons from Leo Tolstoy

    Great philosophers and thinkers take us into deep and insightful journeys of self-discovery and exploration, here is one such glimpse from the invaluable lessons that Leo Tolstoy left us with.

    Ambedkar Called for the Annihilation of Caste but Today Caste is Annihilating Young Ambedkars like Rohith Vemula and Muthukrishnan

    An extraordinary leader's life and times have been captured in this remarkable yet simply written book with an emphasis on aspects of his human side rather than his political trajectory.

    The New Leam Staff

    581 POSTS


    A Quest beyond Vaccination 

    While medical experts and pharmaceutical companies urge you to get yourself vaccinated, you ought to ask yet another question: What do you do after being vaccinated? What does it mean to be ‘safe’? Or is it that we ought to see beyond the process of vaccination to redefine life in the post-pandemic world?

    A Third Israeli-Hamas War—What’s Next?

    The article explores the political nuances of a third Israeli-Hamas war and its possible consequences and impacts.

    Why a lot Depends on How a Diseases and Various Health Problems Are Presented 

    Projections accompanied by information available on the internet shape to a great extent how a disease comes to be perceived such has been the case with the COVID-19 pandemic as well.

    The COVID-19 crisis and the Vulnerability of Human Existence: It’s time to Redefine Ourselves

    Dissociated with nature, isolated in pain and stigmatised in illness: how cruel has society made us? A reconnect with nature is our innermost need.

    COVID-19 Mortality, Lockdowns And Policy Options

    The article reflects on the unique challenges posed by the pandemic and the nuances of the state's lockdown policy to meet the newly erected challenges.