Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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    When Ambedkar and Gandhi Meet…

    On Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s death anniversary, we invoke the emancipatory thinker not for instrumental political ritualism.

    Do We Reproduce the very Inequality, We Wish to End?

    With caste hierarchy and discrimination intrinsically embedded in our society, its time to wonder if we are responsible for perpetually reproducing it though our actions?

    The Marginalisation of the Landless Dalit in the Aftermath of Cyclone Gaja

    Landless Dalits in Tamil Nadu’s coastal belt discriminated in post-Gaja rehabilitation schemes.

    Ahmedabad/Centre’s 287-Crore Harijan Ashram Revitalisation Plan May Displace 200 Dalit Families 

    Dalit residents of Gandhi’s Harijan Ashram fear eviction as government proposes redevelopment plan in Ahmedabad.

    Could the Swavarna Premchand Depict the Life-World of the Downtrodden Dalit?

    One of the most vehement critiques of Premchand is that as a Kayastha he was unable to understand the pathology of caste.

    Open Defecation Free India: A Distant Reality

    Can a country that killed two Dalit children for defecating in the open, really be ODF?
    bhim army case

    Dalits Protest Temple Demolition in Delhi

    Dalit protestors marched from Ambedkar Bhawan to Ramlila Maidan to protest against the demolition of a Ravidas temple in Delhi.

    India Loves its Obsession with Witchcraft More Than its Women

    Four people were brutally lynched in the name of witchcraft in Jharkhand, how regressive can India get?

    Dalit Literature Festival: A Space for the Assertion of India’s Marginalised Writers

    We witness many corporate organised literature festivals but the Capital’s first ever Dalit Literature Festival highlighted the issues and challenges faced by India’s marginalised Dalit writers.
    Anand Teltumbde

    The Bondage of Concocted Theories: The Issues Raised By Anand Teltumbde’s Potential Arrest

    Charges against the Dalit Writer Anand Teltumbde are sure to be instigating an atmosphere of intolerance towards minorities. The refusal by the Supreme Court to quash the FIR filed against Anand Teltumde for being an ‘urban Naxal’ is a reminder of the atrocities against the Dalits in contemporary India.

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