Friday, June 18, 2021

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    A devotee posing with the Dalit priest at the Chamunda Temple at Thana village, Bhilwara

    The Dalit Priest of Bhilwara’s Chamunda Temple

    This interesting story from rural Rajasthan depicts the unique trajectory of a temple where breaking traditional customary practices, the role of the priest is played by a Dalit man.

    Dalits May Rejoice an Order for Reconstruction of Demolished Ravidas Temple in Delhi, But...

    As DDA clears plot for reconstruction of Ravidas Temple in Delhi’s Tughlaqabad after its demolishment last year, it’s time to rethink the politics of symbolisms in a political milieu otherwise hostile to the Dalit community.
    Coronavirus in Indian Jail

    Family Blames Police for Custodial Torture After Dalit Man Dies in UP’s Rae Bareli

    A Dalit man dies in police custody in Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli, family alleges torture and illegal detention

    40 Dalit Families Face Social Boycott and Indignity in Odisha Over Flower Plucking

    After a Dalit girl plucked a flower from the garden of an upper caste resident in an Odisha village, the entire community has been boycotted.

    Dalit Woman Head of Village Panchayat Near Chennai Stopped from Hoisting National Flag on...

    More than seven decades after independence, entrenched caste discrimination is still an all-pervasive social reality in India.

    No Dignity in Death: After Casteist Attack, Dalit Woman’s Body Removed From Funeral Pyre...

    In a condemnable act from Uttar Pradesh, the funeral of a Dalit woman was stopped mid-way after objections were raised by a group of upper caste men.

    Mob Violence,Brutality and Assault on Dalits in Karnataka

    In recent incidents of atrocity against the Dalits, two men have been brutally assaulted and beaten for crimes alleged by angry mobs in Karnataka.

    India’s coronavirus pandemic shines a light on the curse of caste

    Given the tenacity and pervasiveness of the caste system, it is hardly surprising that some of the worst sufferers of the COVID-19 pandemic are India’s “untouchables,” the Dalits.

    The Tale of Deprivation and Negligence in the Dalit Hamlet of Bharosapurwa in Uttar...

    This is a ground report on the scarcity of livelihood and sustenance opportunities for Dalits in select districts of Uttar Pradesh.
    Kuchbandiya Community

    Kuchbandiya Community Struggles for Essential Sanitation

    Poor sanitation and infrastructural facilities have further pushed the Kuchbandiya community into marginalisation and hardship.

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