Monday, November 29, 2021


Is there hope for a Hong Kong revolution?

Historians have long argued that revolutions are built not on deep misery but on rising expectations.

Impeachment Proceedings Against US President Donald Trump Begin

Impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump move on to the next stage, with an inquiry beginning in the House of Representatives.

Saudi Arabia labels Feminists, Atheists, Homosexuals as Extremists

The animated clip was posted on Twitter at the weekend by a verified account of the State Security Presidency with a saying, “all forms of extremism and perversion are unacceptable”.

Thirty years after the Berlin Wall came down, Germany is still working to meet...

Familiar landscapes and fond reminiscences have been airbrushed out by others eager to view the “two dictatorships” – the genocidal Nazi empire and the Communist East German state – as equal halves of a history of 20th-century German totalitarianism.

One Million Take to Chilean Streets, Ask Government to Tackle Inequality

The Chilean capital of Santiago witnesses a peaceful march with more than a million people.

Syria/ Turkey’s Operation Against Syrian Kurdish Forces Continues

Hit by airstrikes and shell bombings, people on Syrian borders face tough times.

Universal Values for A Protective World

Can we build a just society if people see nothing wrong in snatching the share of others?
Planet earth painted on two hands. Image source - Twitter

Transcending Parochial Ties: A Call for World Citizenship

There is an urgent need in the world to move beyond parochialism and urge for a collective identity.

Limiting Opposition’s Say on Brexit, PM Boris Johnson Suspends Parliament

Protests have been taking place against the prorogation of the Parliament by PM Boris Johnson ahead of Brexit outcome

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