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The Sociology of Bharat Dogra’s Literary Creations

Through his stories and novellas, Bharat Dogra makes it possible—the confluence of political sociology and literary imagination.
Can cinema contribute to a better world?

Does Cinema Hold the Potential of Contributing to a Better World?

Cinema is a very powerful medium which has been most commonly used to entertain people and to make money. However there is a higher...

How a Soviet miner from the 1930s helped create today’s intense corporate workplace culture

The following article takes us deep into the story of a soviet miner from 1930s who played an important role in defining today's corporate culture. But how?


Here is an exhaustive and engaging book review of 'The Science of Peace' authored by Suman Khanna Aggarwal.

Education to Achieve Social Justice and Equality:A commentary on NEP 2020

The following article looks at the NEP 2020 and its potential for generating social justice and equality.

126 Nobel Laureates Issue Timely Warning on Crucial Issues, Fail to Address Significant...

The article discusses the recent statement issued by several noted Nobel Laureates of the world.
The cover of the book '“Rescue: from global crisis to a better world”.

Book calls for a rethink of capitalism amid the ravages of COVID-19

The pandemic and its devastating impact on the world as a whole compels us to rethink capitalism in our times.
Sunderlal Bahuguna with wife Vimla Bahuguna

Sunderlal Bahuguna and Vimla Bahuguna:Seven Decades of Serving Forests, Rivers and People

Sunderlal Bahuguna and his wife Vimla Bahuguna spent seven decades of their life working towards saving the environment and for raising a voice against its relentless exploitation and misuse.

The COVID-19 crisis and the Vulnerability of Human Existence: It’s time to Redefine Ourselves

Dissociated with nature, isolated in pain and stigmatised in illness: how cruel has society made us? A reconnect with nature is our innermost need.
Sanitation Workers at Risk

Why it’s easier for India to get to Mars than to tackle its toilet...

Despite significant advances in space research, India has failed to tackle its toilet-sanitation problem.

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