Monday, April 19, 2021

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    What Would a Post-Coronavirus World Look Like?

    Covid-19 has taken the globe by storm and has had severe social and economic implications. As social distancing and quarantine become the new norms, will we be able to return to our normal selves too soon?

    UK,Australia to Japan and Canada: Global Economic Measures in Times of Coronavirus

    The world is gearing up and taking measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, let’s see what different countries are doing to help out their citizens.
    Finland CHILD

    Finland Becomes the World’s ‘Happiest Country’ with Social Security and Shared Institutions

    While Finland is the world’s ‘happiest country’, India occupies the 144th position on the index. Can we learn a couple of lessons, please?

    Looking Beyond Corona Phobia: Some Harsh Lessons in Economy

    The outbreak of the Covid-19 has wrecked havoc on the world economy and brought before us unprecedented challenges that we must face collectively.

    Russia’s Regressive Stand on Gay Marriage Could Make Him Unpopular

    Vladimir Putin is amending the Russian constitution and seeks a constitutional ban on gay marriage within the country.

    Australia’s Bushfire Crisis Poses Irreversible Climate Change Impact

    The most fearsome fact is that these large pulses of carbon dioxide emissions from Australia’s bushfires may not be reabsorbed through regrowth of forests as they have in the past.

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