Monday, June 27, 2022



Empty Classrooms to Fill Up Again: Kashmir’s Schools Finally Reopen 

After almost seven months of close down, Kashmir’s schools reopen for over 10 lakh children.

Kashmiri Saffron is the World’s Most Expensive Spice But Inadequate Infrastructure Keeps Cultivators Poor 

Poor infrastructure, lack of governmental support and backward harvest patterns keep saffron cultivators of Kashmir poor despite a high demand in international markets.
Omar Abdullah

Detained Omar Abdullah’s Greyish-White Beard Creates Online Stir

An unverified image of worn out and bearded Omar Abdullah has emerged online, people and politicians have reacted to it.

Kashmir Gets Internet Relief  in Exchange of ‘Anti-Misuse’ Bond 

Internet connectivity has been restored for companies and governmental institutions in the Kashmir Valley but only under a special bond.

An Orphaned Child, a Helpless Mother: A Disaster called Jammu and Kashmir

No internet, telecommunication, education or healthcare - how can things be “normal” in Jammu and Kashmir?

FIR against AMU Asst. Professor and husband for sharing “inappropriate” posts on the Kashmir

The complainant Ashok Pandey has cited two Facebook posts of the couple in support of his case.

India Based Fake News Network Responsible for Running over 265 Spoof Websites

The European Union has revealed that an Indian company has been running 265 news websites selling fake news.

Valley Journalists Call Demonstration Against 100 Days of Internet Blackout

Journalists organised a protest against the internet gag prevalent in the Valley for the last 100 days.

European Union Parliamentarians Allowed J&K Visit, Indian Leaders Prevented

A delegation of parliamentarians from the EU are going to visit Jammu and Kashmir to assess the situation there.

Why I Will Not Celebrate Diwali This Year?

I have decided not to celebrate Diwali as a protest against the injustices and brutalities committed in the name of the nation against the people of this very nation.

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