Thursday, May 26, 2022

Kunal Shahdeo

Kunal Shahdeo is a Doctoral Researcher at IIT, Mumbai.

Ayodhya Verdict: Can we Reclaim the Idea of India?

Can we Reclaim the Idea of India in the Aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Landmark Ayodhya Verdict?

Why I Will Not Celebrate Diwali This Year?

I have decided not to celebrate Diwali as a protest against the injustices and brutalities committed in the name of the nation against the people of this very nation.

To Be Young and to Approach Gandhi in Present Time

Gandhi is more relevant today than at any other time. Gandhian ideas provide a subversive lens to grapple with the present pathology of modernity, nationalism and violent existence.

Reliving the Microcosm of India inside the University

From humble homes to a gigantic metropolis, the University of Delhi opens up a microcosm of Indian diversity before its students.

Revoking Article 370: Is it the End of the Kashmir Dream?

The government’s decision of revoking Article 370 in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir poses important challenges before India. Will such an action really serve as a solution to the Kashmir conundrum?

Kunal Shahdeo

Kunal Shahdeo is a Doctoral Researcher at IIT, Mumbai.


What it takes to be a Labourer: May Day and the Plight of the Ordinary in the National Capital

May 1st is internationally celebrated as Workers' Day marking the tremendous efforts and historic contributions of workers during the labour movement.

Digital Pedagogy: Learning with Adroit Promptness for Instant Gratification

The pandemic may have made digitalised modes of learning common but it's important to look at them with both criticality and reflexivity.

 Does Anybody Bother About Political Education?

Amid the ritualization of elections and the valorization of success stories, do we really bother to see the all-pervading decadence, and think of appropriate political education to resist the pathology of mainstream electoral politics?

On Touch, Love and Culture of Learning

A teacher narrates his experimental engagement with rural children, and reflects on the meaning of making a difference in the culture of learning.   

Gandhi, Education and Rural Reconstruction: An Abandoned Dream

Gandhi's vision of education is deeply intertwined with the idea of rural reconstruction, here is an article looking at this important issue.