Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Munisha Chauhan

Munisha Chauhan is working as an Editorial Assistance, The New Leam.

China Issues Warning Against Contagious Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said "an animal source" appeared most likely to be the primary source of the outbreak and that some "limited human-to-human transmission" occurred between close contacts.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Visit to India and its Implication for the Nation’s Economy

The highlight of the visit was the announcement of investments of USD 1 billion in India and the promise of 1 million new jobs by 2025.

Intense Water Scarcity Amplifies Water Related Violence Globally in Last Decade

In the last ten years, water shortage and extreme weather conditions caused high tensions, specifically in the Middle East and India.

Australia’s Bushfire Crisis Poses Irreversible Climate Change Impact

The most fearsome fact is that these large pulses of carbon dioxide emissions from Australia’s bushfires may not be reabsorbed through regrowth of forests as they have in the past.

PM Modi’s ‘Political Speech’ Deeply Hurtful: Ramakrishna Mission Monks

Members of the Ramkrishna Mission expressed their displeasure with PM Narendra Modi for delivering a "political speech" at Belur Math and for allegedly making use of RKM as a platform for giving out 'controversial message.'

Munisha Chauhan

Munisha Chauhan is working as an Editorial Assistance, The New Leam.


What it takes to be a Labourer: May Day and the Plight of the Ordinary in the National Capital

May 1st is internationally celebrated as Workers' Day marking the tremendous efforts and historic contributions of workers during the labour movement.

Digital Pedagogy: Learning with Adroit Promptness for Instant Gratification

The pandemic may have made digitalised modes of learning common but it's important to look at them with both criticality and reflexivity.

 Does Anybody Bother About Political Education?

Amid the ritualization of elections and the valorization of success stories, do we really bother to see the all-pervading decadence, and think of appropriate political education to resist the pathology of mainstream electoral politics?

On Touch, Love and Culture of Learning

A teacher narrates his experimental engagement with rural children, and reflects on the meaning of making a difference in the culture of learning.   

Gandhi, Education and Rural Reconstruction: An Abandoned Dream

Gandhi's vision of education is deeply intertwined with the idea of rural reconstruction, here is an article looking at this important issue.