Thursday, May 6, 2021

    The New Leam Conversation

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    “Let us not underestimate the power of the human spirit”, says Ms. Suman Kumar

    Ms. Suman Kumar - Director, Bluebells School International/Delhi-is an outstanding educationist and teacher. In a conversation with Professor Avijit Pathak, she has narrated her intellectual trajectory, her deep engagement with the school, the new challenges the pandemic has posed, and the necessity of a nuanced pedagogic practice to sensitize young students at this moment of bewilderment when the taken-for-granted world seems to have crumbled.

    Interview/ “The danger of identity politics arises when the proponents of an oppressed identity go to the extent of almost dehumanising the oppressor.” Says...

    Dr. Amir Ali teaches at the Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His core research interests include political theory, multiculturalism and group rights. In a conversation with The New Leam, he speaks on contemporary politics, protest ideologies and issues relating to identity and nationalism.

    Interview | “For me, coming to Rishi Valley is a very natural transition”, says Professor Meenakshi Thapan

    Meenakshi Thapan was Professor of Sociology at Delhi School of Economics. And her book Life at School:An Ethnographic Study has enriched the domain of sociology of education in India, and inspired young students and researchers to take active interest in the dynamics of educational institutions, knowledge and curriculum. In a conversation with Professor Avijit Pathak, she has narrated her academic journey, her meeting with Jiddu Krishnamurti, her engaged communion with the spirit of Krishnamurti's educational philosophy, and her decision to devote herself to Rishi Valley school after her retirement from Delhi University

    May Day with Ordinary Men and Women in the National Capital

    MAY DAY SPECIAL / This story was originally published on May 1,2019 and is being republished today to commemorate the occasion of International Workers' Day 2020.

    Looking at Our Cities Ecologically: A Contemporary Need

    Here is an excerpt from an interesting conversation that The New Leam had with the authors.

    The New Leam Conversation

    12 POSTS


    Social Moorings and Distancing: From Living in an Intimate Neighbourhood to Living in a Gated Community

    During the mid- 70’s I grew up in a para (a neighbourhood or locality having a strong sense of community solidarity) in North Bengal...

    Do you have a Right to Protest? The Coronavirus’s Impact on Freedom of Assembly

    The article looks at the impact of the COVID-19 on people's right to protest.

    Colombia gives nearly 1 million Venezuelan migrants legal status and right to work

    Colombia will grant legal status to all Venezuelan migrants who fled there since 2016 to escape their country’s economic collapse and political crisis. The bold...

    How to get COVID-19 vaccines to poor countries – and still keep patent benefits for drugmakers

    The world has a COVID-19 vaccine access and distribution crisis. While almost half of all doses administered so far have been in Europe and North America, while many poorer countries have vaccinated less than than 1% of their populations.

    The Need for Ensuring Authentic Covid-19 Data For Proper Policy Response 

    Scientists have been drawing attention to the  need for a lot of caution to avoid overestimating Covid-19  deaths. This is necessary both to avoid panic and panic-driven unduly harsh measures.