What is D4U?

Democracy4You is a movement of citizens for participatory Democracy. Democracy demands that citizens are well informed and aware of the world around them. The basis of a successful democracy is informed and responsible decision making. D4U is a movement for India’s citizens living in remote corners, small towns and villages as well as in urban areas to come together and share/reflect/debate on critical issues related to employment, education, development, healthcare, rural infrastructure, ecological concerns and policies which effect their lives and thus shape their decision making in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls 2019.

The mainstream media often negates issues at the grassroots and D4U is an attempt to make every voice count, ensure that every issue gets a platform to be addressed and the concerns of ordinary Indian citizens don’t get neglected ahead of the elections. D4U is a movement for encouraging citizen participation, discussing and debating about issues that mainstream media negates and contributing to the creation of an active and informed citizen choice.

Our Motive

  1. Encourage voices from the grassroots (villages/small towns) to speak about local issues that concern people relating to a wide variety of areas such as employment, healthcare, education, development, wages, economy, environment etc.
  2. To encourage ordinary citizens to become aware of the issues and concerns that surround them, examine the extent of work that political parties have done in their favor, to question and debate issues that are significant for the nation ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
  3. To build up a platform for active citizen participation, dialogue and awareness and thereby contribute to the sustenance and development of the democratic culture.

Through the pan India character of the movement, to analyze what the real issues of the nation are which areas are most neglected, what the weakness of the present democracy is and what the demands of the people.

Who can participate?

Any citizen of India who has similar concerns can join this movement with the ethical commitment to be truthful to the purpose of the movement. We request the participation and participation of students and faculty members of universities from all over the country. We also invite the voices of social movements that are raising significant questions. We are collaborating with a number of smaller groups with similar concerns to help us in this process.

We Request

  1. University faculty/ researchers from different corners of the nation to participate by sending us their valuable writing/ videos/ documentaries on local issues or concerns that they feel are important for being addressed such as in education, healthcare, employment, development, schemes etc.
  2. Students and young people from different walks of life who are interested in keeping the democratic flame alive by participating and making their voices transcend the limited boundaries of the immediate surroundings.
  3. Social activists and people working for grassroots movements, so that concerns that may have escaped mainstream media’s eyes can now find a platform to be addressed.
  4. Others who feel that there are issues that are not finding space in the ongoing media discourse, wish to raise questions that determine public opinion, wish to share grievances or wish to unite their voice with other participants of the campaign.

How to participate?

One can participate by sharing observations and concerns. These observations/reflections may be sent to us in the form of :

Detailed written commentaries/reports/observations in Hindi or English.

Original recorded videos of the participant speaking on a specific issue or interviewing somebody in Hindi or English.

Original photographs that represent political/social concerns of a particular neighborhood.




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