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With a large number of children globally fascinated by Barbie dolls, its time to see if they offer anything towards offering a radially neutral and cosmopolitan perspective of the world?/ Image:Pixabay

Barbie doll that honors Ida B. Wells faces an uphill battle against anti-Blackness

Will the new Barbie to honor Ida B. Wells – the famed 19th-century Black journalist and anti-lynching crusader become as popular as the fair and blonde headed Barbie?

Children born in 2020 will see spike in climate disasters, study says

In a world wracked by wildfires, deadly storms, and the now too-familiar drumbeat of dire climate warnings, statistical descriptions of the future humanity faces can seem at...
Children enjoying themselves while playing in the rain in India.

6 actions school systems can take to support children’s outdoor learning

The growing interest in outdoor learning over the past years is promising. But what can we do to encourage it in our schools?

Children learn science in nature play long before they get to school classrooms and labs

The number of preschools pursuing learning through nature play is growing fast worldwide. However, the effectiveness and impacts of this approach is largely untested,...
Stevens Fremont via Getty Images VIA The Conversation

Do vegan diets make kids shorter and weaker?

With the trend of veganism on the rise, the article discusses whether vegan diets are capable of making kids weaker and shorter.

Education to Achieve Social Justice and Equality:A commentary on NEP 2020

The following article looks at the NEP 2020 and its potential for generating social justice and equality.
A lonely child sleeping on the pavement/TNL Archives

Understanding the Crisis of India’s ‘COVID-Orphans’

The massive impact of the pandemic has left countless children orphaned, can we choose to turn a blind-eye to their pathological state and resultant vulnerability?

The Tyranny of Tests

As alienating, distressing and anxiety laden examinations are normalised, the sensitive mind of an educationist looks into the paradox of assessment and the harms that it causes to our children.

Roshan- the Story of Pakistan’s Mobile Library on a Camel’s Back

Taking books to the remote villages of impoverished Balochistan, here is the story of Roshan, the camel.

How Effective is the Union Budget 2021-22 in Terms of its Offerings to Women and...

The article below examines the effectiveness of the Budget in terms of its offerings to the women and child sectors.

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