Saturday, May 15, 2021


    Farmers protesting against the recently passed farm laws.

    The Need for a Well-Reasoned and Principled Stand on the Ongoing Resistance by Indian...

    The intensity and continuity of the farmers' movement against the recently passed farm laws, underlines the urgent need for the citizenry to think rationally and attain a decisive stand regarding it.
    If Israel calls itself a democracy, it must uphold the dignity of prisoners too.

    As A Democracy, Israel Shows No Moral Tenet: El-Halabi’s Outcry for Justice

    If Israel wants to maintain its status as a democracy—and indeed it has never missed an opportunity to assert itself as the sole democracy in the Middle East—it must treat its prisoners with dignity and respect, regardless of their race, religion, or creed

    Is the Republican Party a Threat to American Democracy?

    The United States of America saw a tough battle to power and Joe Biden has been selected president, but the Republican Party continues to be a threat to American democracy.

    The Need for a Renewed and Revised Democratic Framework in India

    The article discusses the need for redefining and rethinking a democratic framework that is inclusive and in sync with the Indian sensibilities.

    Violence, Dissent and Political Resistance in Times when Democracy is in Danger

    Democracy gives its citizens the right to dissent and voice their concerns, a trend of suppressing people’s voices goes against the very fabric of a democratic order.

    Letters | Let’s change the trend

    It is the young who hold the key to the future of democracy, it is in their innovative and self-reflective practices that a nation may salvage itself. Here is a heart-felt letter written by a young mind, reflecting on our times.

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