Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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River Ganges in Haridwar

Year After Year, Sages of Matri Sadan Continue their Struggle and Sacrifice for Protecting...

Sages and activists associated with a well known Ashram in Haridwar have taken up the responsibility of once again drawing attention to River Ganga's deteriorating plight.

Sharp Population Reduction in Honeybees Endangers Food Security and Biodiversity

Rapid fall in the population of honeybees across the world is a threat to ecological balance and bio-diversity.
Rajendra Sail

The Human Rights Movement and the Commitment and Diversity of Rajendra Sail

Rajendra Sail was a committed and perseverant activist who devoted his entire life to fight for the rights of voiceless labourers and downtrodden people.

Latin America saw most murdered environmental defenders in 2018

Eighty-three of the 164 environmental defenders killed around the world in 2018 were from Latin America.

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