Monday, October 25, 2021


Why Improvements in Farming and Food Sector Are So Important?

Given the critical importance of food for survival and human existence, the need to usher in much needed reforms in the food and agriculture sector is the call of the hour, failing which, we all could be moving towards a major crisis in future.

The impulse to garden in hard times has deep roots

Gardening, on the other hand, has overtaken her life. Plantings that started out back have expanded around the side of the house, and gardening sessions have stretched later into the evening, when she sometimes works by headlamp.
Orange Tree

Greens grown in urban kitchen gardens beat the lockdown blues

While the availability of a regular supply of vegetables is a concern for some during the ongoing lockdown in Indian cities, those who have been maintaining kitchen gardens for a while have a sense of relief with the availability of some vegetables in their backyard.

Zero Budget Natural Farming is not a One-size Fits all Solution

Zero Budget Natural Farming claims to have an almost negligible investment in farming by adopting chemical-free agriculture, drawn from traditional methods of farming.

No, India’s Union Budget is Not Meant for the Farmer

Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget in the Parliament on Friday leading to the emergence of vital concerns over its inadequate focus on agrarian reform and development of the agricultural sector.

Why Indigenous Farming Knowledge needs to be revived

AGRICULTURE India's farmers did not get adequate attention and instead our farm research became over-dependent on the technology and crop varieties from abroad. This has proved very harmful for our agriculture and therefore it is important to draw attention to the rich heritage of traditional farming wisdom in India.

Linking the Good Health of Consumers to Better Income Opportunities for Farmers

Crops grown organically are beneficial to the health of the consumers and also help farmers increase their livelihood opportunities.

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