Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Happiness Curriculum

While Husband Cracks Trade Deal, Melania Trump Observes ‘Happiness Class’ in Delhi School

American President Donald Trump is busy discussing a trade deal with PM Modi, while First Lady Melania Trump visits a ‘Happiness Class.’

From Learning Happiness to Happiness While Learning: Reflections on the Happiness Curriculum

Government of NCT of Delhi has introduced the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ to make schools less stressful and much happier spaces for children through mindfulness, storytelling and self-expression. Can such a curriculum percolate to the lived realities of all these children?

Will the ‘Happiness Curriculum’ Make Students Happy?

HAPPINESS CURRICULUM\The school’s atmosphere must create an ambiance of trust, freedom and nurturance and enable the child to look beyond the utility of marks. The recent ‘Happiness Curriculum’ can be a significant step towards that goal. Mohammad Zafar

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