Sunday, December 5, 2021


Anand—A Film Which Underlines the Purpose of Human Life As Taking Happiness to Others

Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna's film Anand celebrates 50 years since its release.

Understanding Popular Hindi Cinema from Desh-Prem to Desh-Bhakti

Patriotism and nationalist fervour have been central to post-independence Indian cinema, the article looks at how its connotations and symbolisms have altered over the years.

Patal Lok: A Series Unveiling the Dark Underworld & a Malfunctioning Bureaucratic Machinery

Patal Lok throws light on high-profile crime while taking us to the dark realm of the underworld.
Bollywood celebrities during lockdown | Image - Screenshot

A Flashy Bollywood Culture Amid the Lockdown is Insensitive to the Anguish of Millions...

Bollywood celebrities are taking to social media to show what they are doing amid the lockdown, but is the display of flashy lifestyles not insensitive to the sufferings of millions of ordinary Indians?

The Gendered Contours of Indian Cinema

GENDER The objectification of women’s body and their inferior roles is not new. This is symbolic of the larger power relations that exist between the two genders

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