Saturday, June 19, 2021


    A Journey to Reclaim My Connectivity With Nature

    Here is an inspiring journey in times of the pandemic that puts many questions before us all and compels us to think about our lives in these unique times.

    Constant dieters might be choosing the wrong way to lose weight

    The big idea Dieters looking for a healthier substitute of their favorite high-fat food – such as a bag of potato chips – typically have...

    Face mask rules: do they really violate personal liberty?

      Several hundred people assembled in London’s Hyde Park in July 2020 to protest rules making face masks mandatory in shops and supermarkets to help...

    Enslaved people’s health was ignored from the country’s beginning, laying the groundwork for today’s...

    Some critics of Black Lives Matter say the movement itself is racist. Their frequent counterargument: All lives matter. Lost in that view, however, is...

    Village-Level Food Processing as Key to Rural Livelihoods and Nutrition

    Mechanisms to empower food processing at the village level can effectively aid rural livelihoods and nutrition.

    Decade-long study shows why South Africa needs to stop stereotyping young black men

    South Africa’s Youth Day celebration on the 16th of June, just after my birthday on the 15th, remained a special day in my life...

    People are dying in US prisons, and not just from COVID-19

    Randall Jordan-Aparo, Darren Rainey and Latandra Ellington are not household names. But like Michael Brown, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, they were killed by...

    Celebrating the Monsoons Over Cups of Tea & Loads of Togetherness

    Endless conversations over tea, unconditional moments of exchange and the willingness to come together, the monsoons are indeed a celebratory season.

    These communities are experimenting with greener and fairer ways of living

    Frankie lives in a six-bedroom house on the outskirts of Leeds. She is her own landlord, but doesn’t own the house. Instead she is...

    Community/ The Quarantine as an Opportunity to Reflect on the Self

    The coronavirus pandemic has opened the windows for reflection and contemplation, and made us revisit all that we took for granted.

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