Wednesday, May 25, 2022


True Education and not Literacy is the Need of the Times

The colonial administration focused on an education system meant to be produce non-reflexive, law-abiding citizens, but even today why does the education system fail to cultivate rational thinking and creative imagination?

Kerala Emphasises Education at the Core of Development

EDUCATION EDUCATION At a time when states such as Uttar Pradesh are busy renaming districts in the name of religious affinity, the state of Kerala has walked on an altogether new model of development by introducing its citizens to education through the State Literacy Mission.

Kerala’s Public Libraries are Central to its Self-Definition

The importance that is given to public libraries as valuable resources for the generation of constructive public imageries is immense; the emphasis that Kerala laid on rebuilding its damaged libraries after the floods is inspiring and exemplary.

Finding True Education beyond Literacy

Education is more than the acquisition of knowledge and a set of skills, education should enable an individual to live a meaningful life and contribute to the nurturance of the greater good of society as a holistic enterprise. Upasana Kapur

Where have all the Working and Independent Minded Women Gone?

GENDER Women are socialised into believing that having aspirations of their own may be in contradiction to family loyalty. It is time for women to pursue their aspirations in a gender sensitised and egalitarian culture that allows them the liberty to be themselves. Priyanka Yadav

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