Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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    The Adverse Impact of the Pandemic on the Education Sector in Rural Northeast India

    One of the greatest implications of the pandemic has been the inaccessibility of educational resources and support structures primarily for students in the remote and marginalised corners of Northeast India.

    Village-Level Food Processing as Key to Rural Livelihoods and Nutrition

    Mechanisms to empower food processing at the village level can effectively aid rural livelihoods and nutrition.

    Children of Migrant Workers Deprived of Nutrition & Vaccines as Anganwadis Remain Dysfunctional

    Children from vulnerable families across India are being deprived of nutritious food and vaccines as anganwadis remain shut and the health system finds itself over-burdened and fragile.

    Challenge of Deepening Rural Distress and the Lack of Remedial Schemes in India

    There is increasing evidence of deepening distress among the majority of rural people at the lower socio-economic levels across vast areas of India.

    Reliving the Microcosm of India inside the University

    From humble homes to a gigantic metropolis, the University of Delhi opens up a microcosm of Indian diversity before its students.

    Will the Centre Take Rahul Gandhi’s MGNREGA Advice on Kerala Seriously?

    For flood-hit Kerala, Rahul Gandhi recommends raising employment days to 200 under MGNREGA.

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