Tuesday, May 24, 2022


A research team monitored nesting sites on Little Andaman Island and tagged leatherbacks using satellite transmitters. Image by Adhith Swaminathan.

Sea turtles under threat as Indian government weighs development in Andaman Islands

Threatened bio-diversity and ecological degradation have proven to be dangerous for the turtles of Andaman according to an important report, but will we be efficient in taking remedial measures?

Bera’s free-roaming leopards walk on thin ice as tourism grows

A rising number of hotels, home-stays, and resorts have started making an appearance around Bera to cater to the growing interest among tourists who come to see these wild cats in their habitat.

Why grandparents should talk to children about the natural world of their youth

How often do you strike up a conversation with an older relative about the past? You might switch off when someone begins a sentence...

Botswana Reports the Death of 350 Wild Elephants as Poaching & Smuggling Obstruct Conservation

More than 350 dead elephants were spotted in Botswana forest. Officials say that the death is mysterious but the smuggling and poaching past speaks the other truth.
Kerala Pregnant Elephant death

Beyond the Brutal Killing of a Pregnant Elephant in Kerala: Listening to the Other...

Social media uproar over the brutal killing of a pregnant elephant in Kerala, missed out on the other side of the story.
Birds Eating Hundreds of Plastic Pieces Every Day

Research Points at Birds Eating Hundreds of Plastic Pieces Every Day

Insects and birds living close to river banks are found to have plastic ingestion, this is a matter of concern for the global community because it points towards a disturbed food chain and its inherent dangers.
Livestock in their corrals

Finding the middle ground with the Changpa herders in Ladakh

Changpa herders of Ladakh share a special relationship with their livestock and the wildlife, especially wolves, that co-occur in these high altitude lands.

Uttarakhand eyes a part of Rajaji Tiger Reserve for Kumbh

Preparing for Kumbh, scheduled from January 2021 in Haridwar, Uttarakhand government’s forest department has requested permission from the centre to temporarily use a part of Rajaji National Park for pilgrim facilities.
rhino -wildlife

Can biodiversity loss lead to more infectious disease spread?

A section of scientists say there is a ‘biodiversity dilution effect’ in which declining biodiversity results in increased infectious-disease transmission.

Australia’s Bushfire Crisis Poses Irreversible Climate Change Impact

The most fearsome fact is that these large pulses of carbon dioxide emissions from Australia’s bushfires may not be reabsorbed through regrowth of forests as they have in the past.

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