Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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    United Nations Raises Alarm on Declining Women’s Rights in Fourth World Conference for Women

    On the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference for Women, the UN Underlined the decline in women’s rights in the face of the pandemic

    Walls of Poverty & Marginalisation Weaken Women’s Voice in Pandemic Governed Economy

    Poverty and marginalisation have pushed women into deeper dens of exploitation and voicelessness amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Dalit Woman Head of Village Panchayat Near Chennai Stopped from Hoisting National Flag on...

    More than seven decades after independence, entrenched caste discrimination is still an all-pervasive social reality in India.

    Catching Up With Young Akhila: A Fearless Woman Sarpanch Who Transformed Her Village in...

    This is the story of Akhila, a young sarpanch from Telangana who has transformed her village with her fearlessness, commitment and dedication. Her story is a reminder for the need to strengthen people’s democracy and institutions at the grassroots.

    Lockdown Forces 1.85 Million Indian Women to Carry on With an Unwanted Pregnancy

    1.85 million Indian women couldn’t access an abortion during lockdown.

    Indian Garment Industry’s Shutting Down of Creche Services is Anti-Women

    Garment factories have opened but creche services remain dysfunctional, leaving lakhs of women employees distressed and compelled to leave their jobs amid the pandemic.

    Period Blood Doesn’t Wait for Pandemics to Get Over, Policy Must Catch Up

    Period practices around the world have been adversely impacted by scarce availability and sharp rise in prices of sanitary products.

    Women Enter Dark Pregnancy Den Amid COVID-19 Pandemic in India

    An over-burdened public health system is witnessing the state withdraw from its responsibilities towards the welfare of India’s pregnant women amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Coronavirus Infected and Pregnant: Shocking Reality of a Kanpur Shelter Home for Minors

    After Muzaffarpur and Deoria, Kanpur shelter home for minor girls highlights inhuman treatment at state-run facilities as 57 minor girls are found COVID-19 positive amid pandemic.
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    Destined To be Invisible : Why Indian Women are Absent from the Public Discourse...

    The pandemic threatens women’s representation in the Indian public discourse and makes them further invisible from the domains of education, employment and empowerment.

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