Friday, May 7, 2021

    Amit Sengupta

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    Amit Sengupta – a Noted Writer and Columnist, lives in Delhi.

    Walking with Karl Marx

    In this remarkably perceptive article, the author has inspired us to feel and see the legacy of Karl Marx, and its continual relevance.

    A Comprehensive Report on the Ground Situation in Assam

    Assam is on a threshold of a crisis. Fear, insecurity and trauma engulf the landscape. Several persons are detained in jails including poor and illiterate women who are branded as foreigners. It’s a simmering crisis which may blow up if the political class, civil society and the higher courts do not intervene for justice, rationality and harmony. Amit Sengupta

    Talking tales: once upon a time small was beautiful

    The genre of literary writing for children is perhaps the most challenging as well as the most fulfilling for the creative mind. In the piece that follows we undertake a journey to the far off land of imagination, creativity and a world filled with memories of a time when we were little children.

    Amit Sengupta

    3 POSTS
    Amit Sengupta – a Noted Writer and Columnist, lives in Delhi.


    Social Moorings and Distancing: From Living in an Intimate Neighbourhood to Living in a Gated Community

    During the mid- 70’s I grew up in a para (a neighbourhood or locality having a strong sense of community solidarity) in North Bengal...

    Do you have a Right to Protest? The Coronavirus’s Impact on Freedom of Assembly

    The article looks at the impact of the COVID-19 on people's right to protest.

    Colombia gives nearly 1 million Venezuelan migrants legal status and right to work

    Colombia will grant legal status to all Venezuelan migrants who fled there since 2016 to escape their country’s economic collapse and political crisis. The bold...

    How to get COVID-19 vaccines to poor countries – and still keep patent benefits for drugmakers

    The world has a COVID-19 vaccine access and distribution crisis. While almost half of all doses administered so far have been in Europe and North America, while many poorer countries have vaccinated less than than 1% of their populations.

    The Need for Ensuring Authentic Covid-19 Data For Proper Policy Response 

    Scientists have been drawing attention to the  need for a lot of caution to avoid overestimating Covid-19  deaths. This is necessary both to avoid panic and panic-driven unduly harsh measures.