Saturday, August 15, 2020

    Avijit Pathak

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    Avijit Pathak is a Professor of Sociology at JNU, New Delhi.

    Seeing Through an Incident of Burglary at the Time of the Pandemic

    Here is a piece that speaks of a positive quest when one feels tempted to be paralyzed by psychic nausea, fear, inexplicable tragedies and a sense of betrayal.

    On Fear and Freedom: The Irresistible Jiddu Krishnamurti

    As we celebrate Jiddu Krishnamurti’s birth anniversary, it is important to engage with him—the way this wanderer (May 11,1895—February 17,1986) broke all sorts of defined paths, moved around the world, and sought to make us interrogate the banality of routinized existence

    We the Teachers at the Time of Pandemic

    At this moment when the taken-for-granted world has crumbled, is the role of the teacher confined only to ‘online teaching’?

    The Rhythm of Life and Death in the Age of the Coronavirus

    Are we ready to contemplate, and learn something deep and profound from the crisis the coronavirus has led to?

    A Diary in the Age of Coronavirus

    While the Coronavirus is really life-threatening, there is still an urge to find a meaning in life.

    Avijit Pathak

    73 POSTS
    Avijit Pathak is a Professor of Sociology at JNU, New Delhi.


    Unknown and Undocumented, India’s Dalits, Adivasis and Migrants Were Absent Then and Absent Now

    The migrant exodus in the last couple of months leaves a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of all those who imagine a...

    This Independence Day,Let’s Listen to the Canaries

    As a global pandemic engulfs us and as exploitation and hierarchies amplify, this Independence Day, let’s reflect on our shared destinies.

    New Education Policy 2020: What is Concealed and What is Unveiled?

    There have been extensive discussions around the implications of the NEP, here is an intricate reading of the document in the context of India’s prevalent academic culture.

    Holistic Education, Critical Thinking and Multidisciplinary Approach

    Are the educational ideals the National Education Policy has proposed merely fancy words? Or, is there a real concern?

    The Legitimisation of Privatisation in NEP 2020: An analysis

    By legitimising privatisation in the education sector, the NEP 2020 is scripting a new India with varied imaginations and trajectories.