Saturday, August 15, 2020

    Avijit Pathak

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    Avijit Pathak is a Professor of Sociology at JNU, New Delhi.

    The Art of Overcoming the Ghettoization of Mind

    As the Delhi massacre shocks the nation, it is important to rediscover our hidden possibilities and to overcome our limiting identities, and strive for collective healing.

    Love, Power and Femininity: Rediscovering Satyajit Ray’s Mahanagar 

    On International Women’s Day Professor Avijit Pathak looks at Satyajit Ray’s Mahanagar—a film released in 1963, and finds a nuanced language of love, courage and femininity which, as he argues, makes Ray’s visual narrative immensely relevant even in contemporary times.

    Social Media and a New Form of Neurosis

    Are we getting addicted to the instantaneity of social media, and losing what makes life meaningful: calmness and deep relatedness?

    Teachers as Emancipators: For a Feasible Utopia

    Is it possible to strive for a truly life-affirming education when the ‘system’ seeks to annihilate all utopias?

    Resist the Hindutva Appropriation of Swami Vivekananda

    In this brief note, the author has expressed the need for resisting the practice of appropriation of religious figures like Vivekananda by the ruling Hindutva ideology. It is important for the secular intelligentsia, as the author argues, to engage with the multiple possibilities that an activist monk like Swami Vivekananda generated.

    Avijit Pathak

    73 POSTS
    Avijit Pathak is a Professor of Sociology at JNU, New Delhi.


    Unknown and Undocumented, India’s Dalits, Adivasis and Migrants Were Absent Then and Absent Now

    The migrant exodus in the last couple of months leaves a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of all those who imagine a...

    This Independence Day,Let’s Listen to the Canaries

    As a global pandemic engulfs us and as exploitation and hierarchies amplify, this Independence Day, let’s reflect on our shared destinies.

    New Education Policy 2020: What is Concealed and What is Unveiled?

    There have been extensive discussions around the implications of the NEP, here is an intricate reading of the document in the context of India’s prevalent academic culture.

    Holistic Education, Critical Thinking and Multidisciplinary Approach

    Are the educational ideals the National Education Policy has proposed merely fancy words? Or, is there a real concern?

    The Legitimisation of Privatisation in NEP 2020: An analysis

    By legitimising privatisation in the education sector, the NEP 2020 is scripting a new India with varied imaginations and trajectories.