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Ayush Jain

Ayush Jain is The New Leam Staff Writer - based in Bangalore. E-mail:

The Violence Embedded in Liberalism and the Complexity of a Modernist Utopia

The following piece deals with an in-depth understanding of the culture of systematic violence engrained in contemporary liberalism.

Exploitation, Sustained Effort or Dispossession: Contouring the Urban Narrative Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the pandemic takes a toll, it is important to ask what is shaping the larger political narrative. Is it the commodification of the suffering of the poor and marginalised or a genuine framework of extended state led measures?

Learning to Live in an India of Turmoil, Turbulence and Decadence of Secular Values

The following article is a reflection on the contemporary trends of fragmentation, divisiveness and fracture evident in contemporary Indian politics.

JNU Violence, Democratic Dissent and What it Means to be Politically Awakened in Hard Times

The recent violence that broke out in JNU, makes us ask pertinent questions on the autonomy of institutions, the culture of dissent and what democracy holds for a youth that knows how to question.

A Glimpse of the Major Events that Defined the Year for India in 2019

2019 saw major events in the field of politics, culture, science and research and these continue to hold immense relevance for the years to come. Here is a glimpse.

Ayush Jain

Ayush Jain is The New Leam Staff Writer - based in Bangalore. E-mail:


Beyond Instrumental Reasoning: Education As Awakened Intelligence

Amid our obsession with technical/instrumental education, is it necessary to think differently and reimagine the very meaning of education?


Here is an exhaustive and engaging book review of 'The Science of Peace' authored by Suman Khanna Aggarwal.

LONG READ/The COVID-19 Vaccine: The Need for a Democratic and Holistic Debate

The pandemic has brought vaccines to the centre stage, but how democratic is the debate regarding it?

Revisiting Digital Pedagogy and the Culture of Learning in the Age of Information Technology

The article delves deep into the need for rethinking digitalised teaching-learning in the age of information technology especially at a time when we are moving towards an extensive use of virtual classroom spaces.

A Quest beyond Vaccination 

While medical experts and pharmaceutical companies urge you to get yourself vaccinated, you ought to ask yet another question: What do you do after being vaccinated? What does it mean to be ‘safe’? Or is it that we ought to see beyond the process of vaccination to redefine life in the post-pandemic world?