Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Jyoti Raina

Dr. Jyoti Raina teaches at the Department of Education at Gargi College/University of Delhi.

Book Review/ Culture, Politics and the Aesthetics of Living: The Spirit of being a Wanderer

The following is a detailed and exhaustive review of the book, inviting the reader to undertake a journey into the socio-political and cultural domains of existence with the spirit of a wanderer.

Understanding the NEP 2020 in the Context of School Education Policy in India

This article takes an introductory look at the NPE 2020 in the wider context of school education policy-making in India.

Rediscovering a ‘New’ Reality this Quarantine: The Experiments of a Teacher 

The absence of outer activity with the closure of colleges provokes a teacher to examine: effects of a new environment on her inner world, travails of online teaching and the disturbing role of household labour in accumulation processes.

Worrying Policy-Trends in School Education: Challenges and Dilemmas

For the populace of 490 million children born in India in this new millennium, the majority of whom are poor, the dream and hope of equitable school education continues to elude.

Jyoti Raina

Dr. Jyoti Raina teaches at the Department of Education at Gargi College/University of Delhi.


Beyond Instrumental Reasoning: Education As Awakened Intelligence

Amid our obsession with technical/instrumental education, is it necessary to think differently and reimagine the very meaning of education?


Here is an exhaustive and engaging book review of 'The Science of Peace' authored by Suman Khanna Aggarwal.

LONG READ/The COVID-19 Vaccine: The Need for a Democratic and Holistic Debate

The pandemic has brought vaccines to the centre stage, but how democratic is the debate regarding it?

Revisiting Digital Pedagogy and the Culture of Learning in the Age of Information Technology

The article delves deep into the need for rethinking digitalised teaching-learning in the age of information technology especially at a time when we are moving towards an extensive use of virtual classroom spaces.

A Quest beyond Vaccination 

While medical experts and pharmaceutical companies urge you to get yourself vaccinated, you ought to ask yet another question: What do you do after being vaccinated? What does it mean to be ‘safe’? Or is it that we ought to see beyond the process of vaccination to redefine life in the post-pandemic world?