Wednesday, May 25, 2022

R. Mahalakshmi

Professor R. Mahalakshmi teaches ancient Indian history at the Centre for Historical Studies, JNU.

The Pandemic, an Unfair Evaluation System and What Plagues our Educational Institutions

The teaching-learning community is among the worst affected sections amid the pandemic, what adds to their woes is an often indifferent evaluation and assessment system. Isn't it high time we redefine education to be more sensitive and in tune with the needs of the learning community?

Teaching at the time of the Pandemic

The article talks about the experiences of a teacher as she redefines the meaning and importance of the vocation of teaching amid the ongoing pandemic.

The Need to Look Beyond the Guru-Shishya Paradigm: The Need of Our Times

While embedded in Indian cultural history, the Guru-Shishya parampara needs to be rethought and critically examined today not to condemn or praise but to delve deep into its roots.

Maid, Domestic Helper, Servant or Worker: Terminology That Cannot Obfuscate Structural Exploitation

No matter what terminology we choose, the exploitation and inherent hierarchy that separates mental and physical domains of work gets highlighted in the way we treat those who aid us in domestic chores.

Exposing the Fragile Glasshouse Called ‘University’ Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The future is uncertain, and the present is fraught with difficulties. And that's what this pandemic has done - shown us the fragility of our glasshouses such as the ‘university’.

R. Mahalakshmi

Professor R. Mahalakshmi teaches ancient Indian history at the Centre for Historical Studies, JNU.


What it takes to be a Labourer: May Day and the Plight of the Ordinary in the National Capital

May 1st is internationally celebrated as Workers' Day marking the tremendous efforts and historic contributions of workers during the labour movement.

Digital Pedagogy: Learning with Adroit Promptness for Instant Gratification

The pandemic may have made digitalised modes of learning common but it's important to look at them with both criticality and reflexivity.

 Does Anybody Bother About Political Education?

Amid the ritualization of elections and the valorization of success stories, do we really bother to see the all-pervading decadence, and think of appropriate political education to resist the pathology of mainstream electoral politics?

On Touch, Love and Culture of Learning

A teacher narrates his experimental engagement with rural children, and reflects on the meaning of making a difference in the culture of learning.   

Gandhi, Education and Rural Reconstruction: An Abandoned Dream

Gandhi's vision of education is deeply intertwined with the idea of rural reconstruction, here is an article looking at this important issue.