Wednesday, May 25, 2022


A scene from 'A Suitable Boy' featuring on Netflix

After Heavily Trolled Tanishq Advertisement, Netflix’s ‘A Suitable Boy’ Lands Into Trouble Over Depiction...

BJP leader Gaurav Tiwari files a complaint against Netflix’s ‘A Suitable Boy’, alleging that it hurts religious sentiments. 

Newspapers in Kashmir Run Empty Front Page to Protest Unaccounted Ban on Advertisements to...

The state government in Jammu and Kashmir has stopped giving advertisements to the popular English dailies Greater Kashmir and Kashmir Reader, major English and Urdu newspapers in the state carried an empty front page to protest against the state’s decision.

Dealing with Law and Order Crisis and Not Advertisements Will Save Yogi’s Uttar Pradesh

The state of UP is facing lawlessness and extended rates of illegal activities,  a day after several disorders were seen across the state- India awakened to full-page advertisements in leading newspapers on the achievements of the Yogi- run government.

Personality-Cult and Politics as a ‘Product’ Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

COMMODITIZED POLITICS The advertisement industry is a key tool for political parties today, from the PM to the Opposition we see how leaders are projected as ‘brands’ and a culture of commoditized politics begins to be taken for granted.

Does Fairness Obsession Amount to a New Kind of Racism?

WEEKLY DEBATE | In this week’s debate we wish to invite you to respond on how you look at this issue and what according to you can be a better way of cultivating a society that transcends skin colour.

‘Beti Bachao Roti Banvao ‘ Campaign and Our Shared Decline

Are daughters not individuals with talent and calibre to grow and prosper in their lives? A graffiti portrayed on a wall conceptualises females as roti-making machines.

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