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relationship with kitten

Getting to Know the Cats of Sanawar

Some experiences in life help us understand the importance of animals and wildlife in general as its impossible to imagine a holistic life without them.

Sexed Semen: What’s Wrong With Our Gendered Cattle Breeding Technologies?

The article looks at the problems associated with semen technology and its over emphasis on producing only female calves.
A research team monitored nesting sites on Little Andaman Island and tagged leatherbacks using satellite transmitters. Image by Adhith Swaminathan.

Sea turtles under threat as Indian government weighs development in Andaman Islands

Threatened bio-diversity and ecological degradation have proven to be dangerous for the turtles of Andaman according to an important report, but will we be efficient in taking remedial measures?

Predators, prey and moonlight singing: how phases of the Moon affect native wildlife

Humans have long been inspired and transfixed by the Moon, and as we’re discovering, moonlight can also change the behaviour of Australian wildlife. A collection...

Hope for healthy yak rides on Druk, the yak bull from Bhutan raised in...

Sikkim in India is raising a yak bull gifted by Bhutan in a transboundary germplasm exchange to improve the species gene pool. Two bulls were handed over to Nepal as well.

In a Barbaric and Heinous Act, a Monkey is Hanged to Death in Telangana...

In a gruesome and cruel act, villagers in Telangana hung a monkey to death and witnessed the act while cheering and laughing at the barbaric display of brutality.
Kerala Pregnant Elephant death

Beyond the Brutal Killing of a Pregnant Elephant in Kerala: Listening to the Other...

Social media uproar over the brutal killing of a pregnant elephant in Kerala, missed out on the other side of the story.
Birds Eating Hundreds of Plastic Pieces Every Day

Research Points at Birds Eating Hundreds of Plastic Pieces Every Day

Insects and birds living close to river banks are found to have plastic ingestion, this is a matter of concern for the global community because it points towards a disturbed food chain and its inherent dangers.

Absence of human presence impacting monkey behaviour in Ayodhya

Monkeys in and around Ayodhya have been showing altered behaviour during the COVID-19 related lockdown.

Wildlife and people work together during Assam’s annual tryst with floods

Nearly 200 animals have been killed in Kaziranga National Park, home to the world’s largest population of greater one-horned rhinos. The floods are a necessary evil for Kaziranga’s ecology.

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