Wednesday, May 25, 2022


The Earth’s atmosphere gives the Moon a blood-red glow during total lunar eclipses. Irvin Calicut/WikimediaCommons, CC BY-SA

Supermoon! Red blood lunar eclipse! It’s all happening at once, but what does that...

The article explores the interesting occurrence of the simultaneous astronomical phenomenon such as the Supermoon and Red Blood Lunar eclipse.

Venus: could it really harbour life? New study springs a surprise

Earth’s sister planet, Venus, has not been regarded as a high priority in the search for life. Its surface temperature of around 450°C is...

Comet Neowise Displays Spectacular Night Sky as it Streaks Past Planet Earth

In an interesting development for astronomy lovers around the globe, a newly discovered comet is at present streaking past the Earth and leaving behind...

Betelgeuse Behaving Strange, Astronomers Speculate Explosion

The red giant Betelgeuse is the dimmest seen in years, prompting some speculation that the star is about to explode.
Mental Health

Mental Health for Astronauts: Challenges and Solutions

An interesting study reveals how astronauts—and other people who work in extreme or isolated environments—cope with being far from home? 

Sky Enthusiasts Gear Up to Witness a Partial Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Sky enthusiasts across the nation are excited to view the partial lunar eclipse tonight. Here is a brief look at all the major points that will make our sky watch more fascinating.

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