Monday, June 27, 2022


Beyond the Autonomy Debate: How Not to Perpetuate the Apartheid in India’s Higher Education...

VIEWPOINT The need of the hour is greater and equal allocation of resources aimed at equalizing the pre-existing disparity among central and regional universities, and the creation of more public-funded universities to facilitate entry of the last person in line into the regular mode of higher education.

Greater Content in NCERT Textbooks on ‘Glories of Bharat Mata’

Alterations in NCERT textbooks will emphasise familiarising students with content that generates a sense of patriotic pride in them and make them aware of the ‘glories of Bharat Mata’.

VIDEO | Exposing the Facade of University Autonomy – Dr. Maya John

VIDEO | In an engaging conversation with The New Leam, Dr Maya John who teaches History at Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi throws light on the significant issue of university autonomy and its possible repercussions on higher education in the nation.

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