Thursday, August 13, 2020


    Migrant worker, child

    Illiterate Migrants Learn to Read & Write at Champawat’s Tanakpur Relief Camp

    Illiterate migrant workers at Tanakpur relief camp in Uttarakhand’s Champawat district are learning to read and write amid the lockdown. Can other states learn a lesson or two?

    Marginalization and Stigma: The Plague in Our Schools

    Social discrimination and marginalisation have made even a place such as the school an exploitative domain. But are we doing enough to fight against it?

    Disturbing Trends in School Education: An Agenda of Concerns

    School education is of such great importance for the country and its future and yet it appears that the budget support for this critical sector remains highly unsatisfactory. This is a situation that calls for remedial action on priority basis.

    The Pursuit of Dignity is Critical to Meaningful Pedagogy

    Just like adults, children too have a very strong sense of self-dignity. Our education machinery and the process of classroom transactions may often lead to a situation where the learner’s dignity is compromised upon. The article that follows argues that respecting and giving voice to the learner’s sense of dignity should be a critical priority of meaningful education.

    Rediscovering Gandhi’s Nai Talim – By Ritika Chawla

    PARADIGM SHIFT Education is the guiding force of any society, its future lies in the hands of its teachers who shape and cultivate the consciousness...

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