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These communities are experimenting with greener and fairer ways of living

Frankie lives in a six-bedroom house on the outskirts of Leeds. She is her own landlord, but doesn’t own the house. Instead she is...

Book Lover’s Paradise: Daryaganj Sunday Book Market’s Future is Bleak

The Delhi High Court ordered closure of the capital’s famous book market citing traffic impediments in July, vendors continue to fight for their rights in despair.

Lessons from the Soliga in Times of Ruthless Development and Statist Monopoly

Hegemonic and authoritarian models of development are often against both communities and forests. Here is a look at the life and struggle of the Soliga Tribe in Karnataka that asserted its rights and won back its access to the forest as a source of life and livelihood.

Rethinking the Culture of Learning in our Schools and Communities

EXPLORATION The aim and objective of education is to inculcate finer sensibilities among learners and enable them to become sensitive, responsible and humane, the present education system often lays great emphasis on examination and competition and ignores the deeper essence of education creating a need to revisit learning in schools and communities.

Kerala’s Kuttanad Exemplifies How Communities Can Come Together in Crisis

KERALA FLOOD More than 50,000 volunteers across the state of Kerala are helping out to drain out water and clean homes before people can leave the relief camps.

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