Friday, November 27, 2020

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    Critical Pedagogy: Teachers as Transformative Intellectuals By Henry Giroux

    On the occasion of Henry Giroux’s birth anniversary we are happy to publish the extract from his article titled ‘Crossing the Boundaries of Educational Discourse: Modernism, Postmodernism and Feminism’. The New Leam believes that Henry Giroux is one of the leading critical pedagogues of our times, and his sharp reflections on culture, polity and education remind us of the discontents of the neo liberal notion of market-induced/skill-oriented learning.

    Corporatization of Higher Education

    Henry A. Giroux is one of the leading theorists of education whose sharp reflections on critical pedagogy and the politics of neo-liberalism have given us refreshingly new insights. In this piece we notice how he conceptualized the notion of ‘corporate time’—its utility and instrumentality, and the way in the ‘new economy’ it altered the very purpose of higher education. The university has ceased to become a democratic public sphere; instead, it has been reduced into a space for training while defining faculty as market-oriented producers, and students as consumers.

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