Sunday, February 28, 2021

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    Tribal women from Odisha standing on the roadside.

    Bargained Livelihoods During the Pandemic:Understanding the Condition of Women Tribal Vendors in Odisha’s Koraput

    The plight of  tribal women vendors has deteriorated due to the pandemic and the lockdown which has impacted their livelihoods and access to entitlements.
    Vaccine manufacturers are competing to give the world its first vaccine against the Coronavirus Infection

    Why a Skewed Cold Chain Network is a Major Challenge for the Distribution of...

    Cold supply chain infrastructures are key to the storage and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine and India’s inadequacy in this regard will pose a major challenge before it even as the vaccine is ready to be delivered. 

    North India Seeks to Tackle COVID-19 Spike With Night Curfews and Multiple Restrictions 

    While northern India sees a hike in COVID-19 cases, southern states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have received some respite. 

    Slamming the AAP Government, High Court Warns of Serious COVID-19 Situation in Capital 

    The High Court pointed towards administrative negligence and lack of effort on the part of the AAP government in controlling infection spread in the Capital.

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