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Children learn science in nature play long before they get to school classrooms and labs

The number of preschools pursuing learning through nature play is growing fast worldwide. However, the effectiveness and impacts of this approach is largely untested,...

Beyond Instrumental Reasoning: Education As Awakened Intelligence

Amid our obsession with technical/instrumental education, is it necessary to think differently and reimagine the very meaning of education?

From Pedagogic Theory to Living Practice: Walking with Children of Shiksha Swaraj

Is it possible to see education beyond schools and coaching centres? Or, is it possible to break the wall of separation, and invite the marginalized to the realm of creative and life-affirming education?

Parenting at the time of a pandemic/ A Journey Inwards

In this series on 'parenting at the time of a pandemic', a mother recalls her moments with her daughter, and reflects on the process of rediscovering the world together: from online learning to the treasure within.
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Creative Pedagogy and Innovative Learning in Adverse Situations

Innovative Pedagogy must be at the heart of education. How can this be made possible in the most adverse of situations that often characterize schools in India with little infrastructural support? Amidst these circumstances can a child-centric pedagogy really be designed and implemented to suit our own specific socio-cultural needs?
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The Therapeutic Potential of Arts

Art helps children to discover themselves, instead of following the crowd. It is this profound message that this article seeks to explore.

Education with Awareness is the Key

The mechanisation and alienation often characteristic of the contemporary education system must be challenged with an education that is premised on awareness.

Destroying Minds, Destroying Creativity

Even if we feel proud of our 'publications' and 'expertise', the fact is that the prevalent practice of higher education has destroyed our creativity and life-affirming energy.

Bringing the Art of Listening Back on the Educational Agenda

The skill of listening attentively is central to education and without cultivating it, dialogue is simply impossible.

The Temperament and Qualification of the Teacher

Makiguchi was a great Japanese educationist. His major book Education for Creative Living was published in 1930. Here we are reproducing a small section from the book. We believe that it reminds us of the meaning of the vocation of teaching. Society begins to degenerate if teachers lose their moral foundation. At a time when teaching is seen as just another job, it is important to reflect on Makiguchi’s deep concerns.

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