Tuesday, May 24, 2022


As Top Madhya Pradesh Cop Brutally Beats Up Wife, Domestic Violence and Toxic Masculinity...

A top cop violently beating his wife in Madhya Pradesh highlights the intensity of domestic violence amid the pandemic and the fact that it is present across classes in India.
Listen to Her film by Nandita das

Nandita Das’s Film ‘Listen to Her’: A Clarion Call Against Domestic Violence in India

Nandita Das’s short-film ‘Listen to Her’ raises important questions on the horrifying surge in domestic violence cases amid the lockdown.

Quarantine Domestic Violence Turns into a Nightmare for Women in Abusive Homes

Domestic violence has been on the rise in Bangladesh ever since the lockdown first began.

Medically Supervised Abortions Unaccessible, Women Resort to Unsafe Methods Amid Lockdown

Abortion may be an essential services but inaccessibility compels Indian women to resort to traditional/unsafe procedures in the absence of alternatives in the lockdown.

The Home is Often the Most Unsafe Place, Let’s Think of Women in Abusive...

Not all homes are safe havens for its inhabitants, especially the women who often have abusive relationships and are at the risk of life heartening injustices. This quarantine they are exposed to greater dangers than ever before.
Domestic violence

World Records Rise in Domestic Violence Cases with Coronavirus Lockdown 

The lockdown means that women are forced to constantly live with their abusers day and night. The global rise in domestic violence is certainly a cause of concern. 

Society/Victims of Domestic Violence Silently Tolerate Abusive Marriages,Thanks to Indian Patriarchy 

Domestic violence in marriages is widely prevalent in India, but most victims accept it as their destiny and continue leading a life of indignity and abuse.

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