Monday, May 23, 2022

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A Fresh Approach to Teaching the English Language Innovatively

Language is the essence of civilization and no human society can function without the passing on of language from one generation to the next. In the article that follows the author tries to suggest ways in which teaching the English language can be an innovative, engaging and fulfilling exercise.

Hindi Diwas – 14th September | Hegemonic English: The Cleavage of Divided India

The divide between India and Bharat is only widening. Language with its hegemonic power does have a significant role to play in erecting the wall between the elites and the masses. Can this hegemony be transcended or is language destined to become the new status symbol of modern India?

Can the Subaltern Really Speak?

Language is not just a medium of communication rather language is the symbol of power and cultural hegemony- it is through language that communities reign, defeat and diminish other communities and thus language becomes a major political tool in the process of nation building. It is time we questioned the hegemony of languages and developed a truly cosmopolitan approach for addressing this issue. How realistic are our claims towards the implementation of the three language formula?

On the Hegemony of English Language in Private Schools in Urban India ...

On the Hegemony of English Language in Private Schools in Urban  India The article is based on a qualitative study conducted with middle class parents...

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