Sunday, June 13, 2021


    Global Concern over Basic Needs of 7.5 billion to 10.5 Billion People

    Growing environmental damage and unplanned growth are becoming core issues for nations across the world. Ensuring basic amenities like food and shelter are significant issues that nation-states need to work towards.

     Developing Countries and Environmental Crisis

    ENVIRONMENT Developing nations face issues while attempting to build a balance between development and environmental sustainability. Social awakening and political participation could offer alternatives.

    Rethinking UN Declaration for the Right to Healthy Environment

    ENVIRONMENT Nature is of great significance. Human denial of ethical orientation to nature has led to environmental crisis. Dr.Ruchi Shree

    Antarctic Ice Melts Leading to Global Climate Crisis

    Ecological issues are immensely challenging in our world. The rise in global temperatures has led to large scale melting of ice in Antarctica leading to environmental crisis.

    Video|Meet painter Pratul Dash

    Pratul Dash is an Indian artist and painter from Odisha. He is a multidimensional artist working across diverse media including painting, video art, performance art, photographic art, earth art, installation, and sculpture. He received his Bachelor’s degree from B.K. College of Arts and Crafts, Bhubaneswar in 1995 and his Master’s degree in painting from College of Art, New Delhi in 1998. He has held five solo shows in major art galleries of India and has been a part of many group shows developed by reputed curators.A recipient of the prestigious Inlaks award, Pratul went for a residency at Cittadelarte in Biella, Italy. He has participated in numerous art camps and residencies and is widely acknowledged for raising various environmental issues about the damages inflicted on the ecological balance, earth, and society at large.

    Modern Development and Environmental Depletion in our Times

    Nature, when treated like a resource to be merely extracted and used can prove extremely destructive for the sustainability of the planet and the species that reside on it. A harmonious and fruitful exchange with nature is the need of the hour. Bharat Dogra

    Government Wakes Up to Climate Change Crisis

    Union Minster for Environment Harsh Vardhan recently announced that curbing climate change and environmental pollution will now become his ministry’s top most priority. But can legislation's and large scale measures alone make the difference when individuals are unwilling to alter lifestyle practices? Mona Bakshi

    Plastic: The Bitter Truth of Human Intellect and Technocratic Progress

    Globally 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced each year and less than 10% of the total quantity is adequately recycled. A large chunk of the plastic produced finds its way into the oceans and water bodies causing immense damage to multiple natural resources. Plastics are causing a damage that is irreversible and devastating to life on our planet. We however continue to witness the global investment in plastic production growing by multiple times, amidst this situation how should we strike the sustainable balance?

     Why Human Selfishness Wiped Out Many Animals from the Face of the Earth

    Human intellect has often built up an ego that has ceaselessly believed in the destruction and exploitation of nature towards meeting anthropocentric needs. Many species of animals and plants that flourished on the face of this earth are today extinct, is human intellect following the desirable direction?

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