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Child friendly learning environments are necessary rather than bringing up children in an ecosystem that labels and tags them early on.

Stop ‘Labelling’ and Start ‘Believing’: Towards the Academic, Social and Psychological Development of Learners

Students perform well, not when they are discouraged and labelled but when they get a warm, loving and supporting environment from teachers.

Worshipping Waghoba: Faith meets conservation in Maharashtra where humans and leopards share space

The Warli tribe, an indigenous community that lives in northwest Maharashtra, believes that the cat-god Waghoba will protect them from the negative impacts of sharing spaces with leopards.

The Need for a Shared Program for Justice to Check Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest problems today, here is a look at a shared program for engaged effort to tackle climate change.
As tigers return to the district, will the man-animal conflict amplify to unprecedented heights?

Tigers return to Gadchiroli forests after 30 years, human-animal conflict spikes

Gadchiroli district has seen a sharp increase in tiger population in recent years sparking of with intensity, the animal-man conflict in this region.

The home of Chipko movement, now epicentre of disasters and relocation challenges

With frequent disasters, residents have to relocate for their safety. But challenges like limitation of resources in host villages and poor temporary shelters, stand in the way.

Harnessing the unrealised potential of agroforestry in curbing climate change in India

Experts believe that increasing the area under agroforestry could also fulfil multiple Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

The balance between jobs in the renewable energy and fossil fuel sectors could play...

Renewable energy jobs are claimed to embrace the shifting millions, involved directly or indirectly in the coal sector. But the transition is far more complex than it appears.
We seem almost addicted to the internet, often at the cost of the environment.

The True Environmental Cost of the Internet

The internet has become a quintessential part of our lives and we depend on it for most things but do we realise its consequences for the environment?

Traditional Wisdom and Community Involvement:Key to Rainwater Harvesting

This article advocates for uses of traditional wisdom in rainwater conservation.
Planet earth painted on two hands. Image source - Twitter

The West’s view on climate change condemns millions

The stumbling blocks of the climate crisis remain vested in the stubbornness of advanced countries to admit having caused the problem, and to change their practices.

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