Thursday, July 9, 2020


    Nandita Das’s Video ‘India’s Got Colour’: Looking Beyond the “Fair and Lovely”

    India is obsessed with fair skin for generations, Nandita Das questions this fetish.

    WEEKLY DEBATE RESPONSE : Does Fairness Obsession Amount to a New Kind of Racism?

    WEEKLY DEBATE RESPONSE The last week The New Leam generated a debate ‘Does Fairness Obsession Amount to a New Kind of Racism’, where the motive was to get our readers to discuss and debate matters of collective concern such as gender, culture,media, politics or themes from other fields.

    A Clean Body is More than Just a White Body

    Dove’s latest advertisement reasserts racist values and compels us to succumb to the popular beauty myth. Is the market ideology really a savior or is it same old patriarchy packaged in a new bottle?

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